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With fun to be had & lessons to be learned the adventures & misadventures of the ever-lovable monkey, Emily, are a must for ages 2 to 8 everywhere.

  • Emily Goes Wild by Betty Lou Phillips; Illustrated by Sharon Watts

    If you'd like a "tail" with a little French twist, then you'll absolutely fall in love with Madame DuBois and her pet monkey, Emily. Their lives in New Orleans are enriched with French American style – eating beignets at the outdoor market, dressing in stylish designer clothes, and and sleeping in their frilly French-style bedrooms. Emily loves playing with makeup, swinging from chandeliers, and painting pictures on walls, but hiding is her favorite thing to do. Bookshelves, tall plants, and the kitchen wastebasket – after she has dumped out the trash – are a few of her favorite spots. Of course, Madame DuBois can always find Emily; all she has to do is look for the dreadful mess Emily leaves behind. Madame DuBois spends hours every day cleaning up after her pet until one day things drastically change and Emily goes wild! Read about each difficult and heartbreaking decision Madame DuBois must make. The heartwarming results makes you smile.

    Emily Goes Wild

  • Emily's Manners
    by Betty Lou Phillips; Illustrated by Sharon Watts

    The precocious little monkey from Emily Goes Wild! continues her adventures in this charming board book. Bidding adieux to her wild ways, Emily Minds Her Manners, encouraging les petites to eat nicely, rather than playing with food... and more.

    Emily Manners
  • Emily Works Out
    by Betty Lou Phillips; Illustrated by Sharon Watts

    Part of the Emily series, this toddler-friendly board book gives children visual pictures matched with every-day actions such as dancing, and riding a bike. Emily "skips down the street and dances to the beat" in kinetic,paintings on a white background.

    Emily Works Out